Laochra Chiarraí Award 2018

The Laochra Chiarrai 2018 Award was announced on Thursday 18 th January by Kerry Association Chairperson, Keelin Kissane. The Special Olympics Clubs of Kerry, which comprise five clubs namely Kerry Stars, Tralee Together, Skellig Stars, North Kerry Eagles, and the Kerry Fairways Golf Society, received the award in recognition of their tireless and valuable work in promoting sports and sports events for people with an intellectual disability.

Although Special Olympics is first and foremost a sports organisation, it provides athletes with far more than the physical benefits of sport as it’s also about fun, friendships and team spirit; it’s about a feeling of belonging, and ultimately improving quality of life. Special Olympics changes lives in so many different ways.

The award was accepted on behalf of the Special Olympics Clubs of Kerry by Michael Murphy of the Kerry Fairways Golf Society Special Olympics Club and Martina McCarthy of Kerry Stars, who spoke on behalf of the athletes.

The award was formally presented to Special Olympics at the Association’s annual Oiche Chiarraí event which was held at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin on Friday, 27 April 2018.